To the Chandler law-enforcement officer who stopped me as I was carting the kids to school last week, thank you for:

a. the reminder. I have gotten far too comfortable on that drive to school and by not coming to a full and complete stop I endanger my children and other children on their way to school. I promise I have been more careful.

b. not giving me a ticket. You made an already bad week less painful.

c. making my boys’ day. The last time they saw an officer of the law up close he changed our punctured tire on a narrow highway shoulder. They are huge fans and were quite honored by your brief presence that morning. In fact they still talk about it to anyone who will listen… my husband was most interested.

d. doing your job. We talk as a family on an ongoing basis about the importance of your profession and how grateful we are to our local law-enforcement officers for keeping us safe. If you ever notice three red-headed boys waving at you from inside a minivan, know they’re your biggest fans!