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My husband’s second-grade teacher sat his parents (two educated, intelligent people) down in her Utah classroom for a conference and told them that they would need to work on finding a trade for their son because he would never read. It is true that he couldn’t read at that point. And with that notation in his file nobody ever really expected anything of him.

He started high school in Arizona and by this point he had progressed to about a third-grade reading level, maybe, and had learned to get along quite well without reading much at all. On top of his involvement with band, track, wresting and football, Allen was able to maintain an almost perfect GPA without ever reading a book. Upon completion of high school, my husband became interested in fly-fishing and fly-tying. He went to the book store, picked up Prospecting for Trout and read it cover-to-cover.  One fly-fishing book after another, my husband learned to fish and to read.

This story scares me. My boys don’t focus. Almost ever. Unless you count sorting Halloween candy or “playing fort”, they dart from one activity to another with very little patience or interest. They’d rather climb the bookshelves than read the books . Will they get labeled with ADD? Will their teachers shove them off as a waste of time when they don’t show interest in classroom activities? Will they fail in school because it doesn’t fit into their personal priorities?

I’ve looked at lots of different schools, even considered homeschooling and come to the conclusion that I have no idea which is the best way to educate my kids and whatever it is… I can’t afford it.