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Your child wants a dinosaur cake for his (or her) birthday but you’re not quite as excited at the prospect of hours of  cutting, frosting and decorating a cake in the hopes that it will somewhat resemble a prehistoric creature.  These cupcakes  I made for my son’s party require far less fuss with a totally rockin’ result that won’t disappoint!

You will need:
One foil-covered baking sheet
One full batch of cupcakes
White frosting
Green food coloring
coconut flakes
chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreo style)
1 super cheap dinosaur gift set (I found mine at Walmart in the cheap toy section)
dinosaur eggs (jelly beans)

1. Crush the cookies and set aside. Transfer coconut to a ziploc bag and add a few drops of green coconut. Shake, smoosh and mix until coconut flakes are fairly evenly green.

2. Frost mountain cupcakes with white frosting or dye it brown, (the tall mountain in the above picture is 2 cupcakes stacked on one another) and then roll them in cookie crumbs.

3. Dye the remaining frosting green and frost cupcakes. Roll in coconut flakes.

3. Arrange cupcakes on the cookie sheet. My dino set came with the rocky mountain and trees. Arrange dinos and eggs on cupcakes as you see fit.

4. Party!