We had just pulled up to the kids’ school for Christopher’s kindergarten graduation when I realized that pregnancy brain had struck again. I left the cupcakes I’d signed up to bring on the counter. I told Allen I’d drop him and the kids off and run home but he insisted he go. “But it’s my fault. I left them,” I felt terrible knowing that if Allen went he would probably miss the beginning of the program and definitely would have to park and walk almost a half a mile by that time.

Of course, my gallant husband wouldn’t take no for an answer. He’d rather walk the distance than have me do it. “Boys, you have an awesome daddy,” I told my boys over my shoulder in the car. “He’s going all the way home so your mommy can stay with you and so I don’t have to walk.”

That’s when William chimed in, “Mom, that’s because you’re going to have a baby and men take care of women.” That kid knows what he’s talking about.