28 weeks (about 3 lbs- that's a hand there by his lower lip)

Hmmm… which picture to believe?

24 weeks

Remember how I didn’t want to go do the follow up ultrasound? Yeah. Probably should have just gone with my gut on that one but Allen and I agreed that if the surgeon or anyone who will be working with our baby wanted another picture we’d do it.

Well, we are lucky enough to have a meeting coming up with my friend’s dad who’s an amazing plastic surgeon and he wanted us to go ahead and get another look at the palate and do the fetal echocardiogram that was recommended by the ultrasound facility, Fetal and Women’s Center of Arizona.

We scheduled the appointment for 8 in the morning so Allen could be there with the hitch that he had a 10:30 exam. Sounds like we’d have plenty of room there right? Wrong. My last two appointments have run 2 hours and 1.5 hours long. That”s a long time for a pregnant lady to be on her back. Ouch.

We were disappointed to find out when we got there that they had scheduled us for another follow up look at the cleft on a day with no doctor in the office. They apologized for the fluke (again) and told us they really try to schedule “these kinds of appointments” when a doctor was in. I assured them that I doubted this was the case since this was the second time this has happened to us in a row.

I should mention that I really have loved working with Fetal and Women’s for the most part. I love the techs, I love the doctors I’ve spoken with but I was a little irritated by this point.

An hour and a half into my appointment I was done with the u/s and echo and we were just waiting to get a doctor on satellite again to get the lowdown. Another half an hour later we had to leave for Al’s exam. F&W promised the doctor would call by the end of the day which was good because I was dying to know if they’d seen anything more of the palate (since the palate situation will really determine what life will be like once baby’s born). The tech assured me she’d gotten all the images they could possibly need. We saw baby swallowing, he opened his mouth, no hands in front of his face… it was a good (miraculous, really) day as far as that went.

I didn’t hear from the doc yesterday and as much as I understood (she was obviously really, really busy) I was freaking out. And not just about the palate. They did the echo and checked baby all over again for any markers that could indicate related syndromes or other abnormalities and as that kid’s mom it’s hard to walk around all day not knowing the results. Yes, I know I’m neurotic, okay.

Halfway through the day today (Friday) I realized we were heading into a three day weekend and freaked out more. I left a message for the doc who called me back apologizing up and down and told me she wasn’t going to let the weekend go by without getting back to me. I do like her.

She said everything looked good but the echo was inconclusive (???) and she couldn’t see anything to do with the palate. Ergh…

I’m really okay with that. If you recall I was perfectly at peace with the idea we wouldn’t know anything until baby was born. It’s just hard to get dragged back through it all over again. No more tests!

When Stephanie, my midwife, hadn’t seen an official report by 4 in the afternoon she called to make sure she’d get it before the long weekend (have I mentioned I LOVE her?) and then called me with the news.

They are now calling baby’s cleft incomplete (YAY!!!). His nose still appears to be unaffected (YAY!!!). But of course the palate is a mystery. What does this mean? To me? Maybe no preliminary lip-attaching surgery before the lip-fixing surgery. Maybe no nasal stents (please!). Maybe a better chance at breastfeeding (YAY!!!).

My midwife calls it an Elvis lip. If you know me well enough, you know why that would appeal to me.

So, we’re back to wait and see and hope. We’re looking forward to meeting with Dr. Farnworth in a week and a half. And we’re looking forward, more than ever, to meeting little mister nameless.

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