I know I haven’t posted about Clayton’s birth yet but I assure you, it’s coming. In the meantime, please enjoy this update on his first week on Earth.

At the end of Clayton’s first week of life we are:

  •  Cordless… yay! Mama loves a cordless baby.
  • Pretty close to birth weight (9.6). Friday he weighed in at 9.1. Another yay! Cleft babies quite often really struggle to gain weight but we’ve been very lucky so far with him being a good eater.
  • Worshiping Mandy Haberman, inventor of the Haberman feeder, a special bottle we use to get nourishment from my body into Clayton’s. These bottles are such a blessing!

  • Sleepy. Clayton likes to play all night.
  • Usually pumping. You can find me in front of my pump, washing bottles, or feeding Clayton. That’s about it.
  • Wishing we had more hands. I’m used to being able to feed a baby and type, or hug another kid, or walk around, or work a remote control, or reach the phone, or talk on the phone, or whatever. With this system I’m pretty much just feeding the baby… all the time. On the upside, this gives me lots of time to stare into Clayton’s beautiful eyes and talk to him about life.
  • Starting to collect a little baby acne.
  • Fluffy-bottomed! Now that Clayton’s meconium and cord free he’s finally rockin’ the cloth diapers. So cute!

  • Still looking a little like death. Okay, so this one’s mainly me. I’m hoping it’s just my refusal to put on make-up yet that’s the culprit. I hope I don’t really look this bad. Sadly all of the pictures of Clayton’s first week are marred by the haggard lady holding him.
  • Smack in the middle of finals week. And Allen’s still killing it! What an amazing man!
  • Waiting to meet with Clayton’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Todd Farnworth, on the 21st to find out more about what to expect for Clayton’s future.
  • Adjusting to being a family of six. Jack is a natural at this big brother thing, Chris literally cannot contain his excitement about his new baby and although William had some reservations about adding another member to the family during my pregnancy, he has been a fantastic help and is very proud of his little brother.

Waking up to baby Clayton in the next room. Like magic!