Clayton’s second week started with us still trying to adjust to pumping, long feedings with the Habermans and doctor’s appointments.

A few days into this week I was really feeling the lack of touchy bonding with my baby. Other people fed him while I took care of the other kids, he doesn’t nurse all night while I sleep like my other boys and I just got used to him not needing to be on me all the time. I wore him here and there but he just didn’t need his mom like I’m used to.

I don’t like it. I panicked and realized I just need to make mommy/baby bonding more of a priority and conscious effort with this babe. So I pulled out my carriers and got hardcore. He’s spent most of the rest of the week tied to me.

Warning: Still on make-up strike. These pics are pretty scary.

We also saw Clayton’s surgeon this week who told us, “He’s in for lots of adventures in his life.” Groan. Alot of what he told us we’d expected. And alot we hadn’t. That was the hard part. That will have to be another post though.

Clayton’s big brothers did much better this week in school but still struggle with containing themselves at home. Poor kids. Their world has just been turned upside down!

Sidenote: Will and Chris graduated to yellow belt at their school karate club! Congrats, guys!

The best part of this week? Allen finished his finals!!! We don’t have to share him with school until after the New Year! Now please excuse us while we enjoy some family time.