5:30 a.m. Clayton, blissfully unaware of what his day holds. He hadn’t eaten since his pre-surgical cut-off time of 4 a.m. I was so paranoid waiting for him to freak out (he usually snacks hourly), especially when we got stuck on the 10 behind a rollover fatality. (Find out why Clayton needs tubes here.)

6:30 Outpatient surgery waiting room at St. Joe’s, downtown.

7:30 Vitals

Monkey in his cage, ready for his 8 a.m. myringotomy.

8:15 Hungry. Waiting for the anesthesiologist who didn’t get the memo about the freeway closure.

8:30 Miraculously he passed and didn’t wake up until minutes before the anesthesiologist showed.

8:50 The hand-off. This part was much easier this time. We’re old pros now.

About 15 minutes later, Clayton’s surgeon, Dr. Headly met us in the waiting room. Fast! And he said Clayton took him a while. The surgery went great and his ears were now fluid free. There was infection in one ear and the cleaned that out as well. Clayton will hear better now (we’ll find out how much next week) and will be free from the pressure of constant fluid and the pain of intermittent infections.

9:15 Clayton does not wake up happy from anesthesia. Oh, no. They rushed us out of post-op as soon as he ate a bit because his screaming was scaring people. He took a little break while walking from the hospital to the parking garage where the screaming resumed for the rest of the drive home.

Still investigating the roll-over 3 1/2 hours later. This is what pushed back our surgery.

10:00 Still screaming. I could not wait to get my baby home and on his ball (his happy place)!

10:10 Joy