At six months old, Clayton is grabbing our plates, spoons, cups, whatever he can get his hands on. So we decided to give him a taste of this “food” stuff he seems so interested in.

Aaand we’re not quite there yet. Of late, Clayton loves standing (with help)…

Sitting (on his own)…

Experimenting with new fashions…

And graduating from kindergarten…

Oh, wait… that’s not right. Must’ve been his brother. Clayton spends too much time here:

But he would rather be here:

Or here:

Or here:

If Clayton’s not on his mommy or sleeping, you will probably find him in the middle of the house on his polka dot blanket being thoroughly entertained by his crazy brothers.

He’s developed a special bond with his other scar-faced brother and kept Jack company through getting his first stitches.

He has also bonded with a special minky named Diddy Com and spends his downtime sucking his fingers and stroking his face with Diddy’s tail.

We are so grateful for the six months we’ve had to get to know this amazing, special little boy and look forward to a lifetime more!