A few weeks ago…

Apparently the word is out that Walkers are a tasty doggy treat!

Sadly, the dog who bit Jack is a dog we love that has always been gentle and very patient with my kids. Jack wasn’t at all afraid to see him again (he had a muzzle on when we saw him). Once the dog is released from quarantine he will be going to a new home with no children. All the kids were sad to say goodbye.

Waiting for the plastic surgeon in our first room at Cardon Children’s.

Loving brothers. Jack requested that Clayton come with him to the hospital. Clayton’s been there, done that.

Our final room. Still waiting for the surgeon hours later. Yay for having to go to the ER on a Sunday.

A paramedic placed Jack’s IV. Jack was amazing! No tears!

What a little warrior.

Too much excitement for one little guy. Luckily we always have a cozy place for him to curl up and sleep!

All hooked up and ready to go under the knife.

You’re getting sleeeeepy.

And he’s awake! Kind of. Still high as a kite at this point. The surgeon opened up the puncture wounds and thoroughly cleaned and stitched everything up.

Jack, still kind of seeing things and pretty loopy. Couldn’t feel his lips yet.

The damage. There are stitches on the insides of his lips too.

At first he wouldn’t take the popcicle because he insisted there were things inside his mouth we needed to take out.

We assured him it was just his lips with some stitches in them.

A pudding and some milk later. Oops! Ate too fast. This mistake kept us there another couple hours.

A little after midnight. Finally unhooked! Happiness!

We were so outta there.

The end.

Three weeks later: