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There is life beyond wheat! I get alot of questions about getting started with whole grains. Whole grains are a great way to add variety and nutrition to a whole foods, plant-based (or any) diet. They are cheap and easy to find and use but they can be a bit intimidating until you’ve learned to work with them.

For the sake of simplicity, I usually recommend that the best way to experiment and become familiar with different grains is breakfast.

These are a handful of my favorite ways to use grains in the morning:

Overnight oats (an upcoming post)
Breakfast cookie
6-grain or 9-grain hot cereal or bars (another upcoming post)
Muesli (I like Cynthia Lair’s recipe in Feeding the Whole Family)
Millet and Amaranth Porridge
Quinoa with fruit
Rice pudding (A simpler version will be coming to the blog at some point)
Apple Crisp

But on morning’s when there’s no time to fuss over the stove (or if you’re surviving an Arizona summer like us and need to keep it cool) this cold breakfast cereal bar is a quick, easy and nutrient dense solution.

Can you tell we’re big on reusing Costco-sized containers?

You can use whatever pre-prepped grains you like but when we shop for cereals we are looking for sugar-free, animal-free and a very short ingredient list.

Cold breakfast cereal bar

Combine all (or a few) of the following cereals:
Puffed rice
Puffed millet
Puffed kamut (We mix these three and store in a large container)
Raw oats
Uncle Sam Cereal
Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran
Grape Nuts

Top with any of the following:

We love a mixture of bananas and berries or just peaches with our cereal. Serve with unsweetened rice milk or your favorite milk. Have fun with it!