I love my siblings. It’s hard having a lot of kids. And my parents have a LOT of kids. But one of the things that keeps me going as my family expands is how much I love my siblings. I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for growing up with a nicer wardrobe, ski trips, or more time at the beach. Not even more time and attention from Mom and Dad.  The older we get, the more I appreciate and value my sibs’ places in my life. I know my boys will feel the same way.

We are just missing missionary Jesse here.

I feel so blessed that everyone is nearby for now. It probably won’t last forever but I hope it does. Chase is one who talks about making his escape from the Arizona desert. I tell him he can’t. Life would be far too boring without him. I mean it.

Chase is fun! He is funny and I find myself always keeping one eye on him to make sure I don’t miss whatever crazy comes next. Chase says what we’re all thinking and too polite to say. What you see is what you get. Chase doesn’t put on airs for anybody.

He is great with the kids. Chase is a kid. Which makes him a great uncle.

It’s been so awesome to see him become a father himself. He’s a natural. He loves his son.

As much as Chase loves his son, he loves his wife more. He is ridiculous about it. If you are around this cute couple for as long as 90 seconds you can see for yourself. Chase loves his wife.

And what’s not to love? Kim’s adorable! We all love her. One of the best things about Chase is that he comes with Kim.

Chase is there when you him. He’s supportive and open minded about all my crazy ideas. He’s all the entertainment we need for any family gathering. Chase, don’t leave us! (For long, anyway.)

We love you.

Happy birthday, little brother!!!