I hit a big milestone a month ago and I never mentioned it because another even bigger milestone looms just around the corner. The big one. Or rather, the big one-oh-oh. Well, as it turns out that one might just take me a while. And that’s okay.

Just to show how very okay I am with it I’m going to brag about my last big accomplishment. Indulge me.

Late February this year my husband and I watched a movie that changed our family forever. We’d been working on getting our family eating healthier for years and were well on our way. There were lots of good foods in our diet including green smoothies, whole grains and other nutritious foods. But we couldn’t let go of the bad stuff. We couldn’t figure out where to draw the line.

So when we saw Forks Over Knives and over the next day or so underwent a huge change of hearts and minds (read more about our process here) it gave us just what we’d been looking for. We are diet haters. We don’t believe in dieting to get the weight off and then learning how to eat to maintain. We don’t get into diet trends and gimmicks. We’ve always been really snooty about it which is really funny coming from two fat people.

What this gave us was a healthy, doable, livable, lifetime way of eating that we could feel good about. A way of eating that we felt would improve our children’s lives and life-expectancies. A way to reverse the damage we’d done by so many years of dietary abuse. A diet based on healthful, delicious foods we craved.

I got into this not thinking about the scale (hoping but not dwelling). But the scale has done things this last year that I never would have thought possible. Ever.

[Find a couple more “before” pics here.]

I had a baby last December. In August I hit 100 pounds down from my delivery weight. That was pretty awesome. On October 6th I hit 90 pounds down from my “starting weight” from February. And later that month I hit a really comfy place that apparently I’m destined to be for the time being:
94 pounds down.

Ninety-four pounds! It’s obnoxiously close to a much bigger sounding number and it’s kind of an odd number to land on but I’ll take it. It feels good. I feel a little guilty when people congratulate me and tell me what a great job I’m doing and how hard I must have worked because all I’ve really done is changed the food we’re eating (except that it has allowed us to become more active).

I still snack, I still splurge, I still eat too much and I do “cheat” from time to time. I feel like the weight loss is a side affect of something I’m doing for my family and isn’t mine to celebrate. But this week I’m taking ownership for my accomplishment. I have done something great. And it has taken time, hard work and dedication, whatever my motivation. I have changed my life and my families’ lives and I did have a choice. I didn’t have to do it. So, today I’m proud. Tomorrow I’ll get over myself.