Parts of my house look like a scene right out of Hoarders. I spent a month resting to try to keep my pregnancy, a week waiting for surgery and then a week recovering afterward. My sweet kids and husband have helped out so much but to them every shelf in the pantry is the same and the school room is the storage room. They have really tried! It just hasn’t worked out too well.

When my house is a mess, my brain is a mess and I’ve been totally paralyzed by the chaos all around me. I feel like I won’t be totally healed until my life and home are back on track but I’ve had a terrible time knowing where to start.

So, I was pretty thrilled when a friend posted about 40 bags in 40 days! I’m in! I’ve done the challenge before but this year I need it more than ever. This is not the worst shape my house has ever been in but I don’t know if it’s ever felt worse. I need this challenge. I need the support and I need to accomplish something.

It’s easy peasy. Every day for 40 days (except Sundays) fill a bag (any size bag) with junk and then get rid of it! Don’t think you have that much junk in your house? What until you start. I will be using the goal/progress sheet provided here to keep me on track.

I am SO excited to get going!

Who’s with me? Click here for more details.